Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Doctors said that the man who caused an health scare would still require as much as two years of treatment.

Keeping Patients’ Details Private, Even From Kin

Critics say a law designed to keep medical information confidential is being overzealously applied.

Winding Through ‘Big Dreams’ Are the Threads of Our Lives

Big dreams are once again on the minds of psychologists as part of a larger trend toward studying dreams as meaningful representations of our concerns and emotions.

The Consumer
When the Surgeon Is Infected, How Safe Is the Surgery?

Troublingly little is known about the possibility of getting a viral infection like hepatitis B, hepatitis C or H.I.V. from a health care worker.

Books on Health
AIDS in Africa: Rising Above the Partisan Babble

It is a testament to the strength of Helen Epstein’s new book that the one scientific goof she makes actually matters relatively little.

A Conversation With Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Finding Clues to Aging in the Fraying Tips of Chromosomes

Elizabeth H. Blackburn studies aging and biochemical changes in cells that are related to the diseases of old age and may have a shot at the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Little-Known Virus Challenges a Far-Flung Health System

The Zika virus, which is spread by mosquitoes and produces an itchy rash, pinkeye, joint pain and fever, has made its first appearance in Micronesia.

Video VIDEO: Crucial Facts About Stroke

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, but many strokes that could be successfully treated are not.

Video Feature VIDEO FEATURE: Down Syndrome

Some parents of children with Down syndrome want prospective parents to know the positive side of raising a child with the genetic condition.

Video VIDEO: Choosing Hip Resurfacing

Keith McDonald underwent hip resurfacing surgery, a newer alternative to total hip replacement.

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